The program

The scheme

The European Union is renewing its support for the new three-yearly advertising and promotional campaign of PDO and PGI fruit and vegetables, involving as many as twelve fruits and vegetables from France, Spain and Italy in the three target countries of the project: 

  • In Italy: Asparago Verde di Altedo PGI, Ciliegia di Vignola PGI, Pesca e Nettarina di Romagna PGI, Insalata di Lusia PGI, Pera dell’Emilia Romagna PGI, Radicchio rosso di Treviso e variegato di Castelfranco Veneto PGI and Radicchio di Chioggia PGI. 
  • In France: la Fraise du Périgord PGI, l’Asperge des Sables des Landes PGI, le Kiwi de l’Adour PGI, la Pomme du Limousin PDO and the spanish Kaki Ribera del Xùquer PDO. 
  • In Germany: the Spanish Kaki Ribera del Xùquer PDO and, news of this triennial campaignis the addition of 5 of the 7 Italian products – Pesca e la Nettarina di Romagna IGP, Pera dell’Emilia-Romagna IGP, Insalata di Lusia IGP, Radicchio rosso di Treviso e Radicchio variegato di Castelfranco IGP e Radicchio di Chioggia IGP. 


“Europe signs the products of its territories” is still the claim and the message that will accompany the campaign also during these three years (2021-2022-2023), so as to reaffirm the importance of European labels that guarantee consumers excellent and highquality products.  

The aim is twofold: to develop the market shares of the twelve products involved, but above all to increase awareness of the PDO and PGI logos in the three target countries and of the relative advantages, thanks to activities that enhance and promote the territories of origin. 

The campaign is financed by the European Union and: 

  • For the French part: APFELSO (French association of the growers’ organisations of the south west) including the following consortia Asperge des Sables des Landes PGI, Fraise du Périgord PGI, Kaki Ribera del Xuquer PDO, Kiwi de l’Adour PGI and Pomme du Limousin PDO. 
  • For the Italian part: the following consortia: Consorzio della Pera dell’Emilia-Romagna (lead project organisation), Consorzio dell’Asparago d’Altedo IGPConsorzio della Ciliegia di Vignola IGPConsorzio della Pesca e la Nettarina di Romagna IGPConsorzio dell’Insalata di Lusia IGP, Consorzio del Radicchio rosso di Treviso e Castelfranco Veneto IGP and Consorzio del Radicchio di Chioggia IGP.  
  • For the Spanish part: the consortium of the Kaki de la Ribera del Xùquer PDO. 


The communication campaign aims to increase the recognition and value of European protection and quality labels. In fact, this new programme has taken over the initiative based on promoting the visual recognition of the PDO and PGI logos, by maintaining the creative concept of the first programme accompanied by the characteristic “Enjoy, it’s from Europe”, in order to consolidate this image among consumers and strengthen the synergy of resources.